The Department of Botany Greenhouse in the College of Letters and Science features more than 1,000 species in aquatic, desert and tropical communities. Botany and other UW departments make extensive use of this working facility, permitting faculty and students to undertake a variety of research projects in plant geography, physiology, anatomy, ecology, systematics and other related areas. Open to the public 8AM to 4PM weekdays.

Walnut Street Research Greenhouse is : a research complex of the College of Agricultural and Life Sciences (CALS) consisting of a greenhouse facility complete with four growth chambers and two walk-in coolers, along with additional outdoor coldframe space. The WSGH team also manages the King Hall Greenhouse, Eagle Heights Research Garden Plots and greenhouses at the West Madison Agricultural Research  Station on Mineral Point Road.

D.C. Smith Greenhouse is the instructional greenhouse for the College of Agricultural and Life Sciences. Open to the public 8AM to 4PM weekdays.

The UW Biotron is a controlled environment facility for biological research administered by the VCRGE at the University of Wisconsin – Madison.

The Wisconsin Crop Innovation Center (WCIC) houses a state-of-the-art transgenic plant laboratory which supports unprecedented scientific advancement opportunities and improve plants for humans, livestock, and the environment. The Center has approximately 26,000 square feet of highly automated, controlled, and isolated greenhouse spaces, 4,800 sq.ft. headhouse, internal environmental growth areas (including tissue culture and plant growth spaces), numerous research labs, clean rooms, cold seed storage, and other areas ideally setup to create a world class plant R&D and production facility.