Next Plant Care Workshop January 18, 2018

Interested in keeping up to date on research plant care?

We’ve set the date for our next Plant Care Workshop!

Register now!

We know that growing plants may not be your top research priority, but it’s our profession! Let us share some of the tips and tricks we’ve learned to get the most from your research materials and help you succeed in the greenhouse and growth chamber as well as the lab.

Join us Thursday, January 18, 2018. We’ve added a few things including hands-on demonstrations. There is no fee for this event, but you must be registered to attend. Registration will begin on December 4th, but space is limited so signup right away. Register here!

Session topics and instructors include

  • Intro to UW Plant Growth Facilities (Johanna Oosterwyk: DC Smith Greenhouse)
  • Plant Biosecurity Training (Ingrid Jordon-Thaden: Botany Greenhouse)
  • Pest ID & Management (Cara Streekstra: Botany Greenhouse)
  • Media, Water and Nutrition (Lynn Hummel and Isaac Kabera: Walnut Street Greenhouse)
  • Light and Temperature Control (Bjorn Karlsson and Jacob Schoville: UW Biotron)

 9:00AM to 4:00PM (includes lunch)

351 Horticulture/Moore Hall, 1575 Linden Drive